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“Mayse & Associates falls into the minority of firms who provide services above and beyond the average performance.”

-Staff Architect, City of Garland
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The Power to Prioritize, from Concept to Completion

Mayse & Associates (MAI) delivers seamless service throughout each project. The same project team that starts a project will also finish the project. This holistic approach results in a superior finished product by ensuring an elevated degree of reliability, consistency, and communication. When you entrust MAI with a custom project, prototype creation, or site adaptation, our firm has the horsepower to accelerate your project to the finish line.

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Individual Skills Meet Collective Experience

Our staff is cross trained across multiple design disciplines, providing seamless backup to the primary project team at any time during a project. Designers earn AXP (Architectural Experience Program) credit hours in all experience areas defined by NCARB. This workflow nurtures designers into well-rounded professionals and provides a clear path for career advancement.