40 Years of Continued business!

The story of Mayse & Associates is one of pure love and inspiration. It all began when two amazing individuals, Mike & Betsy Mayse, crossed paths and decided to embark on a journey together – creating something truly beautiful along the way.

Despite humble beginnings, they took a leap of faith and established an architecture firm that is now renowned for its Excellent Service, Excellent Product. Their first project, a Jack-in-the-Box, may have been small, but it was the first stepping stone toward an incredible journey. With only themselves as employees, they built a business that has touched the lives of so many. Today, Mayse & Associates has over 35 employees, completes 100 plus projects annually, and has an impressive 90% repeat business rate.

Their passion and dedication have been the driving force behind Mayse & Associates for four decades, and their legacy will continue to shine bright.

Let’s applaud these two founders who have created something remarkable. Their story is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and the beauty that can come from taking a risk. Here’s to many more years of building relationships, community, and architecture!