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Remington Medical Resort of San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas

The design team was given a detailed program and schematic design of the facility’s operational needs by the client and asked to develop a prototypical building that could satisfy these spatial requirements within the context of a “resort-type” physical environment. The client’s plans to ultimately adapt the finished product to a variety of building sites throughout the country, dictated that the final design remain flexible, while still adhering to the specified program.

The final design solution resulted in a 60-bed, 45,288 square foot facility, constructed out of non-combustible metal framing and featuring two patient room wings, a café/library, barber/beauty shop and physical therapy room area.

Aesthetically, the design team chose to honor the unique regional architecture. By combining historic design elements with timeless art deco flair, such as stepped pilasters and parapets, a unique look was achieved that could transcend multiple regions.


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