Open Position(s):

Architectural Intern – Job Description 

The Architectural Intern at Mayse & Associates is an entry level or experienced entry level position. The Intern would work under the direction of a Project Coordinator, Sr. Project Coordinator or Project Architect. An Intern must have a Professional Architectural Degree. Total compensation for Architectural Interns is based on individual performance in task management, technical competency and timely task completion with accuracy.

The following lists some of the roles and responsibilities of an Architectural Intern:

  • Task Management
    • An Intern should be able to organize and execute tasks assigned to them by their supervisor
    • Assigned tasks should be completed accurately and within the timeframes established by the project manager
    • With some direction, Interns should be able to navigate and interpret the building codes and ordinances
    • Able to coordinate their work product with the other members of the project team
    • Able to communicate and do project research with governmental authorities
    • Able to communicate and relay information to the project manager from the project consultants
  • Technical Competence
    • Possess a basic working knowledge of building components and building technology
    • Technically proficient in the use of AutoCAD, Revit and other graphic software applications
    • Possesses a basic knowledge of building codes and permitting processes
  • Professional Development
    • Interns are in training and should take every opportunity to advance their knowledge of the Architectural Profession and Building Technology
    • Interns should be actively involved in the Intern Development Program and working toward professional registration
    • Interns should actively pursue advancement and seek greater responsibility within the firm


Project Architect – Job Description

The position of Project Architect at Mayse & Associates is a senior-level position reporting to
and working directly under a Studio Director. A Project Architect must be a registered
Architect and have at least five years of experience in the field of Architecture or Construction.
A Project Architect should be a mature individual and a role model to those working with and
under him/her. Total compensation for Project Architects is based on individual performance in technical
competency and timely project delivery.

The following lists some of the roles and responsibilities of being a Project Architect:

  • Leadership
    o Manage the activities and schedules of Project Coordinators and
    Production Staff working within their team
    o Train and pass along their knowledge and experience to those working
    under them
    o Represent the Goals and Values of the firm and the professionalism and
    integrity of an Architect
  • Technical Competence
    • Proficient with building codes and capable of conducting a code analysis on any project type
    • Capable of taking a building project through every phase, from programming and preliminary design to construction documentation and contract administration
    • Proficient in the use of REVIT
    • Possesses a working knowledge of all engineering disciplines and able to coordinate the various consultants and their documents through a project
  • Management
    o Capable of effectively managing multiple projects at a time
    o Able to interface directly with the client on a daily based and on behalf on
    the Studio Director in their absence
    o Capable of communicating with governmental officials and steering
    projects through governmental approval processes
    o Capable of managing and motivating multiple in-house personnel as well
    as outside consultants and maintain quality control over their projects
    o Capable of representing the firm in the preparation and presentation of
    Marketing materials for new business/client prospects
  • Accountability
    o Assume responsibility for the projects assigned to them in terms of
    overall quality and production schedule
    o Maintain client satisfaction by exceeding their expectations
    o Assume responsibility for the performance of their project teams